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 Initial Visit

 Our Practice is composed of patients who seek our services for a

variety of reasons. Thus, we start out with an initial, in-depth

examination to enable us to determine the current oral condition of the



This exam includes a review of the patients dental and medical

histories, an evaluation of periodontal condition (gums), an analysis of

the occlusion (bite), a check for unusual lesions or oral cancer, an

evaluation of the fit, contour and function of any existing restorations,

and a check for tooth decay. We believe that our patients should be

well-informed with regard to the status of their health and that they are

entitled to the very best care our specialized training can provide.

Consultation Appointment

 Sometimes it is necessary to schedule a consultation appointment,

to present & discuss pertinent information enabling you ti make an

informed decision on the possible approaches to better dental health

care. We feel that this appointment provides you with the time to ask 

questions regarding therapy, as well as allowing us to present a plan

with possible alternatives for treatment. Before this appointment, we will

thoroughly evaluate your records and contact other specialists that may

be involved in you evaluation and/ or therapy.

 We present a course of treatment along with additional options, &

specify the duration of therapy, the fee for treatment & explain the

arrangements for payment. It is important to us that you have a true

understandings of the ground work your therapy will entail, so you can

determine the steps you wish to take to improve your oral health.


 Dental Health Maintenance

  In addition to providing you with state-of-the-art treatment, our office is

also committed to maintaining your oral health.


 Monika Patel is our dental hygienist and is trained to do periodontal cleanings, monitor the

status of your oral condition and to be able to teach the latest techniques in

prevention. Regular maintenance appointments are a crucial aspect of both

long-term and short-term dental health.

Emergency Care

 If any emergency arises we want to hear from you! Please call as early as

possible to inform us of your problem. If the emergency arises after hours,

you can call the office and there will be a recorded message providing you

with the phone number where you can receive emergency care.

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