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Answers to My Patient Questions

Q. What Is the philosophy of your dental practice?

A.  Our philosophy is simple: prevention- not just treatment. In adapting this philosophy to the care of the teeth and mouth, our office provides an individualized and most comprehensive program of dental care. This involves establishing a foundation (health history) coupled with a program of preventative maintenance which may not be treatment of  one specific problems. 

Q.  What is Prosthodontics?

A. Prosthodontics is a dental specialty which places emphasis on mouth restoration utilizing artificial devices. Treatment encompasses a wide range of procedures from simple fillings and bonding to full mouth reconstruction. Of course, check-ups and cleanings are also preformed in the office.  

Q. What is different about the way you conduct your practice?

A. With the exception of emergency situations requiring immediate attention, your first visit will include a thorough examination and analysis of the entire mouth. If a current set of x-rays are not available, we suggest a complete set be taken. If the situation warrants, diagnostic casts and other fact finding procedures will be employed. The results will allow us to evaluate the periodontal and other soft tissues of the mouth, the occlusion of the teeth (how they come together) and the effect this may have on the overall comfort and appearance of the mouth and face.

Q. Will this reduce my risk of dental related problems in the future?   

 A. Yes. Just as noticing that a change in one's blood pressure can prevent problems in later years. A more comprehensive initial examination will allow us to observe and evaluate subtle changes that may indicate problems in the future. These findings may also be discussed with other specialist or your physician. At the conclusion of your examination, a complete treatment program will be presented by combining active prevention with the elimination of current   dental problems. Although we can make your mouth more functional, comfortable and attractive only you can make it healthy.

 Appointment Scheduling

Q. How are my appointments scheduled?

A. Patients are seen by appointments only. We schedule appointments from 8:00am to 3:30 pm Monday thru Thursday. The office is closed on Friday, weekends and major Holidays.
Many of our patients will need a multi-doctor Specialty approach to their therapy. We will be happy to assist you in coordinating those appointments that are outside of our office.
Recognizing that your time is valuable, we will make every effort to see you promptly. We ask that you extend the same courtesy to the office.

Q. What should i do if i must cancel an appointment?

A. Please call us at least 24 hours in advance for one hour appointments and 48 hrs-72 hrs in advance for special procedure appointments lasting more than one hour. Your appointment will be rescheduled at the earliest time available time.
There may be a charge for cancellations made without sufficient notice.  Please remember that missed appointments can affect the length and success of your treatment program.  


Q. What do i do in case of an emergency?

A. Please call us a soon as you notice something wrong. When the office is closed a monitored voice-mail will record your message. Every effort will may made to see you promptly


Q. How are insurance claims processed

A. Although we will not accept assignment from any insurance company. We will as a courtesy to our patients complete and file insurance forms relating to your dental care. Payment is responsibility of the patient.
We will be happy to help your determine the allowable benefits provided by your policy.